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  • What Does an Annual Meeting Say About Your Credit Union?

    At GECU, our annual meeting has always been a big deal. Held on a Saturday night, with a buffet dinner and a cash bar, with drawings and trivia and an all-around good time. This year, we had over 200 members attend the annual meeting at The Stern Center in Rock Island (if you’re looking for a great venue, give them a call!) Of course, we could save some money if we scaled this back. But for us, the annual meeting is more than just a requirement. It’s a celebration of our members and of our success.
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    Welcome to our Blog!

    There’s many things we take great pride in here at GECU, but chief among them is communicating with our members. After all, you are the owners of the credit union, and have a right to know what’s going on and to understand our operating philosophy. Deciding to add a blog to our website is just one more way for us to communicate our mission and core values, and to keep you informed.