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Lost or stolen card?

In the case of a lost or stolen credit or debit card, please contact the Credit Union as soon as possible. If it is after normal business hours, please call the numbers below:

Lost or Stolen Debit Card (after CU hours) 1-800-383-8000

VISA Credit Card (after CU hours) 1-800-325-3678

Need to pick your PIN or activate a card?

Not a problem. Simply call 1-800-717-4923.

If you are activating your chip card for the first time, your old PIN will not be remembered. Please wait through the prompts until the end to pick your PIN (which you can select to be the same as your old PIN or a new one). Sorry for the confusion with this!

MasterCard debit card declined? Here are some common reasons:

Are there enough funds available in checking? Debit cards purchases are only approved based off the funds available in your checking (share drafts) account. It will not take into account funds in other accounts, such as savings.

Have you recently received a new card and forgotten to activate it? Please call 1-800-717-4923 from the phone number associated with your Credit Union account. Have your debit card handy when calling and you will be able to select your PIN quickly and easily. If you need to verify the phone number associated with your account, simply give the Credit Union a call during regular business hours.

Is the purchase over $600 or have you made multiple purchases that total $600 or more? To protect your account and the credit union's liability there is a daily purchase and withdrawal limit on all debit cards. Our standard limit is $600 for both purchases and cash withdrawals per day. This resets automatically at 6 pm each day. We would be happy to raise your daily limit based on your buying needs. If you have reached your limit for purchases and the Credit Union is closed, you can still use an ATM to withdrawal cash. This limit ONLY affects debit cards and is not tied to our Visa card, checks, or ACH transactions.

Are you traveling or have you recently changed your phone number and forgotten to notify Credit Union? If so, it is possible your card has been blocked due to fraud concerns. If we are closed simply call 1-800-383-8000. Let them know that your card is not working and you believe it might be blocked. They will be able to help you and unblock your card if that is the case.

Did you get an error message at an ATM? The ATM could be malfunctioning or your card could be blocked. Please call us or 1-800-383-8000 after hours.

Visa credit card declined? Here are some common reasons:

Did you recently receive a new card? Did you activate the card? If not, call 1-800-543-5073 from the phone number associated with your account.

Are you traveling and forgot to notify the credit union? Your card may be blocked for suspected fraud. Call the credit union or the Visa fraud department if it is after hours at 1-866-334-1048. Visa will typically try to contact you if they see activity that is unusual to your account and your card is blocked.

Is the purchase over your available credit limit? Please remember that the available balance displayed on the online banking site is not live and therefore may not be the most accurate balance. To check your current available balance, log into online banking and click on the credit card tab on the top of the page. This information is live and will show your available balance, as well as pending transactions and authorizations.