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Daryl Empen, President

Daryl Empen

Kelly Ulrich, Vice President of Marketing

Kelly Ulrich
Vice President of Marketing

Dean Dearking, Vice President of Collections & Internal Audit

Dean Dearking
Vice President of Collections & Internal Audit

Brian Beverlin, Vice President of Lending

Brian Beverlin
Vice President of Lending
Call or text 309.786.5287

Pam Hodge, Consumer Loan Officer

Pam Hodge
Consumer Loan Officer
Call or text 309.788.7629

Brian Brewer, Mortgage & Consumer Loan Officer

Brian Brewer
Mortgage & Consumer Loan Officer
Call or text 309.788.6910

Jamie Rogers, Consumer Loan Officer

Jamie Rogers
Consumer Loan Officer
Call or text 309.948.5239

Sarah Benker, Member Services Supervisor

Sarah Benker
Member Services Supervisor

Kendra Miller, Member Service Rep

Kendra Stafford
Member Service Representative

Diane Forsyth, Member Service Rep

Diana Forsythe
Member Service Representative

Kennedy Hartz, Member Service Representative

Kennedy Hartz
Member Service Representative

Beverly Rice, Arsenal Branch Manager

Beverly Rice
Arsenal Branch Manager

Tarynn Taylor, Member Service Representative

Tarynn Taylor
Member Service Representative