One of the many things we have prided ourselves on over the years is staying on the forefront of technology.  We’re definitely not the biggest credit union out there, nor have any desire to be, so we may not be the first in the marketplace when a new service arrives.  But we’re usually not too far behind, and sometimes, we even beat our bigger brethren to the punch.  Whether it was debit cards in the late 90s, or internet, and then mobile banking, mobile deposit, or contactless credit and debit cards, we offer all of these services just like the largest banks and credit unions.  And if you have no desire to use any of these technologies, then you know we are here for you too, answering the phone in person and transacting business at our main office and our Moline branch, acquired from our merger with Quad Cities Postal Credit Union. 

To offer all of these services, we have a core data processing system that is the backbone to all of this.  And we have been with the same vendor for over 22 years now.  While we have been satisfied with this system, after 20 years, we felt it was time to at least review other vendors to see if something better was out there.  We began the process over a year ago of reviewing potential vendors, including our current provider, to find the best fit to meet our needs and the needs of our members for the future.  And after an exhaustive process, we have made the decision to move on and convert our core system to another vendor – CU Interface.

The planned system upgrade will take place March 1, 2024, so there is plenty of time to prepare.  We will be communicating with you many times on what this change means for you and how to prepare.  We know some things will change for sure – all members will have to reenroll in the new home banking platform, and there will be a new mobile app.  But some things should be seamless and require no changes – your debit and credit cards for example.  We will plan to have extended hours to help you the first few weeks after the upgrade, and we will be here, just as we’ve always been, to answer questions and make sure we are taking good care of you.

While we have plenty of time to prepare, March 1 will be here before we know it.  So that’s why we want to get the word out now.  In the coming months, we’ll have even more details.  So watch your mail, follow us on Facebook, and watch your email inbox.  We want to make this as smooth a transition as possible, and are confident that the new system will allow us to better serve you now and well into the future.