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Digital Wallet

You may now use your Credit Union account (via your debit card) OR your Credit Union Visa credit card on your digital wallet! You may link either or both to the platform of your choice — Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay

Digital wallets are an easy and convenient way to pay. You simply hold your mobile device over the reader, and the card selected will be charged.

Digital wallets are very secure. In fact, when you use your mobile wallet, the store or restaurant you are shopping at, only receives a single-use code, not your name, card number or security code, so you’re better protected.

To add your card, simply go to your digital wallet (or download a digital wallet app from the Apple App Store or Google Play) then follow the prompts.

Apple Pay
Google Pay
Samsung Pay

Contactless Cards

New and re-issued Visa credit cards are now contactless! This means they come with RIFD technology built in, which allows you to simply hold the Visa card near a card reader to process the transaction. It's secure, and a quick and easy way to make payments without touching a thing! 

You may use your contactless enabled card wherever you see  the universal contactless payment symbol.