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  • CU Month Membership Special!

    We have partnered with some local, downtown Rock Island businesses to offer our members a great Member Perks Coupon Bundle for Credit Union Month! This bundle includes some great offers such as: $10 off a pizza or calzone at Huckleberry’s, a free Buttercupp wax melt with any purchase at Skeleton Key, buy one, get one free admission at the Botanical Center, $10 off any appetizer or meal at Blue Cat Brewing Company and a free beverage at Cool Beanz! All coupons are good until 03/31/23. There are few things you can do to earn a Member Perks Coupon Bundle: If you’re not a member, join GECU and open a checking account, receive a new auto loan (or refinance an existing one from another financial institution) OR open a Visa credit card. BONUS– all new members join FREE in October! If you’re an existing member, receive a new auto loan (or refinance an existing one from another financial institution) OR open a Visa credit card.
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Our members Love us!

  • I have been a member for over 30 years. Personalized service and the many programs and events hosted by the Credit Union is what I enjoy.
    Scott H.
  • Almost everyone at GECU knows who I am and who my relatives are too! Pam has always been super helpful and everyone is always friendly.
    Anna C.
  • I joined as soon as I was eligible, 14 years ago. I love that you all are just so incredibly helpful and happy to do it. Amazing customer service all the time!
    Amy L.
  • The staff gives the Credit Union it's wonderful personality! You are so helpful and friendly to members and you have a great community presence. You are the best!
    Mary T.
  • GECU's staff is committed to the Rock Island community and sets a great example for other businesses and organizations.
    Dan G.
  • I love that they know my name and face. A simple phone call into the office and problems are resolved. Thanks for making me feel known!
    Leslie W.
  • I love the small town feel. We moved from a large bank to GECU. It's just so much more personal. Also, the great loan rates and interest rates on checking accounts. So glad we made the switch!
    Maggie W.
  • "The Credit Union is an amazing place to bank at. They are always willing to help you when you need them. Everyone that works there is polite and makes you feel valued."
    Alyssa S.
  • "The staff is always there to help. Most of them know us by name and this makes banking a more personal experience."
    Laura H.
  • “I live too far away to “stop by”. I am sorry to miss out on your fun activities during the year. More important to me is the care and understanding I receive from all the employees when I have financial questions or needs. I will not give up using GECU, for any reason!” 
    Carolyn H.
  • “Every time we hire a new employee, I ask them if they belong to a credit union and tell them about mine! I think you are wonderful at your jobs!” 
    Kathy P.
  • “I appreciate that you are a local credit union that makes time for your members.” 
    Ryan F.
  • “I like that we have a safe place and good people to trust with our money.” 
    Ethan H.
  • “The staff is so kind and helpful. The credit union is my favorite place for loans. They are always there for me.” 
    Tammy C.
  • “Working with GECU feels like family. I feel you have my back 100% - all the time!” 
    Jill S.
  • "Everyone knows who you are! It's more personal than just "the bank" and there are always smiles!"
    Morgan P.
  • "I have been a member for at least 20 or 30 years and my savings and loan experiences have always been easy, efficient and the staff has always been pleasant and helpful."
    Jamie E.
  • "Management and staff are always friendly and eager to help me in anyway I need it. Loan officers give sound advice for my financial future."
    Robert T.
  • "GECU is a local business that treats it's customers like family!"
    Matt M.
  • "The people are always helpful and friendly. We often share a laugh, which always makes your day better!"
    Paula P.
  • “I have been a member for 18 years and I have never had one complaint. Matter of fact, I brag about this place!”
    Kristin R.
  • “The employees are very personable and know members very well. I like that and it makes me feel comfortable. I recommend GECU every time we get a new employee at our company.”
    Elizabeth W.

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